KIA VENGA, Αγορα Δευτερα, 26 Μαρτιου 2012

Αγοραστηκε την Δευτερα, 26 ΙΙΙ 2012

Σημερα πηγαμε με την Αννη στον Κομβο για αγορα αυτοκινητου.. στοχος η αγορα ενος kia Rio, αλλα οταν μπηκα μεσα ηταν πολυ μικρο, σχεδον κλειστοφοβικο  υπηρχε προσφορα το Kia Soul αλλα μονο σε κοκκινο χρωμα.. ε!.. αν και.. ολυμπιακος, δεν μου παει το χρωμα.. Τελος καταληξαμε σε ενα Kia Venga που εχει παρα πολλα υπερ, αλλα κυριως τους μεγαλους χωρους, τον ουρανο (πανοραμικη οροφη) που παντοτε μου αρεσε, δισκοφρενα μπρος-πισω, ABS, EBD, BAS, HAC, με μηχανη 1.400 cc και 90 hp.. επιπλεον δερματινο τιμονι και λεβιέ, ηλεκτρικα παραθυρα μπρος-πισω, εξη αεροσακους κλπ..

Ακολουθει  μια ισοροπημενη περιγραφη του οχηματος:

What is the Kia Venga?
The Kia Venga is a compact MPV that competes in the supermini sector as an alternative to Kia’s conventional Rio hatchback and youth orientated Soul. Rivals include the Nissan Note, Citroen C3 Picasso and Vauxhall Meriva. It is powered by an outstanding, top-end selection of small petrol and diesel engines with automatic gearbox and stop-start options on some models, and features neat styling outside and solid interior quality inside. The Venga is one of a series of all new Kias that are successfully transforming perceptions of the brand from budget offering to genuine mainstream contender. It does, of course, also feature Kia’s market leading 7-year, 100,000-mile warranty.

What do we think of the Kia Venga?
The Venga is a strong statement from Kia to other car manufacturers that says they need to watch out. The value-lead pricing and generous equipment levels remain, but the Venga is also one of the best looking cars in its segment. The designers deliberately chose to avoid traditionally boxy people carry proportions. This has a minor impact on its practicality compared to some rivals. UK specification Vengas are also enjoyable to drive, with specific suspension and steering set-ups developed right here for our roads. This further heightens the impression that you are getting a well considered, quality product.

What is the Kia Venga like for the family?
The Kia Venga is a good proposition for those looking for a smaller car able to cater to the demands of living with young children, yet also wishing to maintain a sense of style and fun. The Venga is low and wide, rather than tall and long. This means plenty of elbow room but  also that much head and legroom.  The 440-litre minimum boot space can be expanded to 1253 litres max, a decent amount for a car of this size. Air conditioning is included as standard, alongside 6 airbags and stability control.

What do we think of Kia Venga as a buying proposition?
Like all Kias, even if the Venga was a mediocre car -which is not- that unbeatable 7-year warranty would make it worthy of serious consideration whatever your circumstances. That the Kia Venga is actually a rather good car just makes it all the more compelling. Fun to drive, nice to look at, practical without being dowdy, it justifies its significant success. Even running costs should be manageable – especially on the diesel model, which includes stop-start as standard (though is also a bit noisy). And that 7-year warranty is fully transferable, so if you come to sell the car (when the kids get too big, for instance) the balance is available to the new owner, helping to keep used values buoyant.  Definitely recommended.

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